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Winter Wonderland Megapack

The Winter Wonderland Megapack contains 154 ice rock models for use with Game Guru. Nine different ice and snow textures are used in this pack. These high quality models are designed to be used in winter scenes for your Game Guru games. They can be deployed royalty free in commercially released games. A small sample of the included models are pictured in the slideshow above. The Winter Wonderland Megapack retails for $25USD.

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Memory Master

Memory Master is memory training software that allows users to memorize a deck of playing cards. This software was inspired by the Icue Memory app that once allowed users to memorize a deck of cards on their phone. Unfortunately Icue Memory was not compatible with later versions of IOS and was pulled from the app store. Because I could not find any software that replicated the functionality of Icue Memory I decided to create Memory Master to fill this gap in the market. At one stage a Pro version of Memory Master was planned and the Kickstarter video associated with this campaign can be viewed here. An evaluation version of this software can be downloaded here. The full version works best on Windows XP and retails for $5USD.

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