App Development

Games to Terrify

Games to Terrify contains a collection of 40 of the world's scariest games. 10 games are free with the rest available through a single in app purchase. I've been working hard on this app since September last year and anticipate releasing it in May 2020.

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Magick of the Goetia

Manifestation Magick Pro takes a medieval system of magick called the Goetia and integrates it with modern manifestation techniques to enable the general public to create real change in their lives. This app contains an encyclopaedic overview of the spirits of the Goetia and allows users to harness the powers and abilities of all 72 Goetic entities.

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Psychic Master

If you have ever suspected that you may have been psychic, or just want to prove to your friends that you have psychic abilities, then Psychic Master is the app for you. This app uses Zener cards to test your psychic skills with a simple 25 card test. Confirm your psychic skills today with Psychic Master!

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