Web Design, 3D Modelling, General Software Development

Web Design

I am a Google accredited mobile site developer. I have also undertaken a course of study with Free Code Camp. I am currently working my way through the Front End Development Certification. I am aiming to have completed this certification in 2018. You can check out some of my web design work here.

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3D Models

I have created a large number of models for use with Game Guru. These models were created with SketchUp or with more specialized modelling software. These models can be purchased from the TGC Store.

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I have programmed in a number of languages (Visual Basic, Delphi, Java etc) but have used VB6 most extensively. I have published a number of programs online, most recently the memory training software Memory Master. I will be updating my skills to cover programming in VB.Net this year.

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App Development

I've recently renewed my focus on app development. I finally finished Hector the Protector and published it on the App Store towards the end of October. I then started work on a new app called Manifestation Magick Pro that was effectively a proper app version of my iMessage app, Manifestation Magick. This was completed within a month and it went live on the App Store yesterday (December 4). I'm currently contemplating my next app. I may well create another magick based app, or possibly another game. If I do a game it will most likely be an endless runner with consumable IAP.