Apps to Re-enchant the world

Magick of the angels

Angel Magick: The 72 Angels of Power is now available for download in the App Store. Manifest the life you want with the 72 angels of the mighty Shemhamphorasch! 6 sigils free with the app, the rest available via in app purchases or a monthly subscription.

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Hexcraft now live!

Hexcraft is now available in the App Store after months of development. Get your complete guide to hexing and cursing. Ten hexes come free with the app and an extensive range of other hexes are available as In-App Purchases. Get some magickal retribution with Hexcraft today!

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Magick of the Goetia

Manifestation Magick Pro takes a medieval system of magick called the Goetia and integrates it with modern manifestation techniques to enable the general public to create real change in their lives. This app contains an encyclopaedic overview of the spirits of the Goetia and allows users to harness the powers and abilities of all 72 Goetic entities.

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